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About Special Olympics Pennsylvania

Special Olympics Pennsylvania provides year-round training and competition in 22 Olympic-type sports to nearly 20,000 children and adults with intellectual disabilities or closely related developmental disabilities.  For more information about how you can help “Reveal the Champion Inside” thousands of Special Olympics athletes, visit www.specialolympicspa.org.


Past Beneficiaries

Gesu School


Dear Charity Ball Patrons,
     We often say, “Gesu isn’t Gesu without you!”  This is an understatement.
     Your support tonight will help Gesu School continue to educate the 450 children from North Philadelphia who, without Gesu, would be without the opportunities and experiences they now enjoy.
      As an independent, Catholic grade school, Gesu is charged with raising more than $3 million dollars in order to open the doors for the students each September.  Located in North Philadelphia where crime, violence and poverty are prevalent, the mission of Gesu is to empower children, through a quality education, to dream of and realize a brighter future.
     While the students thrive during their time at Gesu School, the real proof is in the students’ successes beyond the 8th grade.  With no admission selectivity, students have a wide range of ability.  Nevertheless, over 90 percent of Gesu graduates complete high school within four years, in a city with high school graduation rates that hover around 50 percent.
     Gesu is thrilled to be the beneficiary of the 2012 Philadelphia Charity Ball and thanks you for your patronage.  Each of you is making a difference in the lives of deserving children right here in Philadelphia.

Bryan Carter
President and CEO

Bryn Mawr Trust’s

Philadelphia Charity Ball Scholarship

Gesu Scholar Photo

The Philadelphia Charity Ball is proud to continue our partnership with Bryn Mawr Trust Company.  Since 2009, Bryn Mawr Trust has awarded a $2,500 scholarship for higher education to a deserving candidate from Gesu School.  This gift marks a joint commitment to philanthropy benefiting the youth in our community.

The 2012 Bryn Mawr Trust Philadelphia Charity Ball Scholarship recipient is 7th grader, Kharon.  A Gesu student since pre-kindergarten, Kharon is a consistent honors student who excels in math and loves to write, draw, and spend time with his mom, dad, sister and brother.  Kharon is passionate about Basketball and this past summer he attended Camp Tecumseh in New Hampshire, where he earned the Dan Dougherty MVP Basketball Award.  Bryn Mawr Trust and the Philadelphia Charity Ball are thrilled to present this award to such a deserving young man.