Save the Date Saturday November 29, 2014

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THE MISSION OF THE PHILADELPHIA CHARITY BALL is two-fold: to raise funds for non-profit organizations focused on youth in Philadelphia, and to inspire the young people of Philadelphia to make philanthropy a central part of their lives. The Philadelphia Charity Ball is a 135 year-old Philadelphia tradition. It is a formal celebration and gathering that has raised millions of dollars for a variety of worthwhile charities over the years. Each year the Ball endeavors to build-on and continue this tradition. For the first century, the beneficiaries of the Ball were Philadelphia hospitals and the results of these events are evident throughout our local hospital system. The 2014 Ball will benefit the Special Olympics Pennsylvania. The Philadelphia Charity Ball is part of the fabric of the history of Philadelphia. Many of the past participants have gone on to assume positions in Philadelphia area charitable organizations. Its existence today connects us with our past in a socially relevant way that fosters a desire to help others in the many people that it engages.